Literary afternoon – Hermine Kalustyan’s 100th birthday celebration


The Esayan-Getronagan Alumni of New York will be celebrating the 100th birthday of the late Hermine Kalustyan, who had been a legendary principal of the Esayan school, and a precious teacher to Esayan, Getronagan, and Galatasaray lyceums in Istanbul.

This EGA’s Pajagi Or event will take place on Sunday, December 7, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. — at the Kalustyan Hall of the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church, in Bayside, NY — during which our honored guest and main speaker will be Makruhi B. Hagopyan, the assistant editor to Rober Haddejian of the Marmara daily.

The morning on the same Sunday, there will be a Requiem Service at the Holy Martyrs Church for Hermine Kalustyan and for the memory of the late founders, principals, teachers, and alumni of Esayan and Getronagan Lyceums.

The attached flyer will provide you with the details of this exceptional event that will interlace three functions in one: The traditional Esayan-Getronagan Pajagi Or, the celebration of Oriort Hermine Kalustyan’s exemplary life on her 100th birthday, and the introduction of our honored guest Makruhi B. Hagopyan to our community in Greater New York.

— with Biosyan Sheshedian Hilda, Araksi Mimar, Zepür Büyükagopyan Şenkuyumcuyan, Makruhi Büyükhagopyan, Hilda Adil and Kevork Keskinyan.