Bouquet of Links shared by my friends

We occasionally share links via messenger on Facebook. I have decided to post here  some of the links shared with me. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I have.

This morning one of my girlfriends, who sends often variety of links, she shared a YouTube video of a popular Armenian singer, Harout Pamboukjian. It was refreshing to find out he had some comedy as well. From the comments it seems it’s for Armenian children. Afterwards, the streaming other collection of videos continued, some oldies, but goodies.

It’s the channel of Armenian Music Group. You might like to listen, specially if you are fan of Armenian pop music from past years. Enjoy.

A second friend of mine, sent me the link of IN MEMORIAM: PATRIARCH MESROB II MUTAFYAN (1956-2019)  May he rest in peace. I will read this article later.

Here is another one I received from another dear girlfriend, it’s in Arabic. Remarks about Women, for the occasion of the Women’s Day. Variety of women, she speaks the reality of society:

And she also shared this amazing video: Baalbeck International Festival, 1965 by the Libano-Armenian Folk Dance Ensemble Directed by Samuel Ilandjian See Less

I appreciate the carefully curated messages privately shared by my friends. I usually don’t get to have the time to check the publicly shared links by friends. However, whenever I happen to see, while I get quickly on Facebook to manage variety of groups and pages, I click a like or add a quick message, to acknowledge that I have seen them.

This link is pinned at the Social Media board at:

What’s your recent favorite social media shares? What’s your style of surfing and using Facebook?